A super premium Russian vodka, crafted in the authentic fashion of luxury vodkas traditionally produced in aristocratic Russian households in small batches for their own personal consumption.

Neither plain nor flavoured, Ivan The Terrible is made in the original OSOBAYA style, using subtle infusions of wild buckwheat honey and Siberian cedar nuts to create its distinctive elegant character and exceptionally smooth finish

Ivan uses only the finest grade of grain spirit, derived from flavoursome winter wheat and pure natural spring water

State of the art continuous distillation and filtering processes ensure Ivan's ultimate purity. Unlike other vodkas, Ivan can be enjoyed neat, like a fine cognac, even at room temperature either on its own or accompanied by caviar in the traditional Russian style


70 cl bottle


Red paper tube


Dark blue paper tube


Paper gift box with paper bag


Box of miniature bottles 12x5cl

Brand of the New Muscovy Company ltd

85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT
+44 2071 579715

Product distilled and bottled
at Ladoga Distillery. Russia