Advanced water treatment technology &
 11 – step filtration process

Water used in the making of Tsar Ivan the Terrible vodka comes from a natural spring and is very soft, not exceeding 4 mg/L. The water treatment process is unique to traditional vodka production in Russia and is not used outside the country. It famously preserves the original purity and freshness of the natural spring water. The water is never boiled or distilled.

Prior to water/sprit blending process, the water is:

  • Thoroughly filtered and oxygenated.

Мinute delicate infusions of wild buckwheat honey, raisin and siberian cedar nuts

Tsar Ivan The Terrible is crafted in the unique Osobaya style. It is neither plain nor flavoured. It uses delicate infusions of Siberian cedar nuts and wild buckwheat honey added in minute quantities to ensure its luxurious smooth finish.

  • Only the highest quality golden shade kernels harvested from September to November are used to make the infusion.
  • Pure wild buckwheat honey used to make the infusion, has a sweet taste with an added pungent note.

Together these delicate admixtures create a distinctive soft finish making Tsar Ivan the Terrible vodka uniquely enjoyable even at room temperature.

Pure fresh spring water

In 1555 Tsar Ivan the Terrible issued an Edict on the State vodka production monopoly, providing for consistency of high quality of state distilled vodka, distributed across the country exclusively through the chain of vodka taverns called Tsar’s Kabaks. Production and sale of vodka outside this rigid system was declared a capital offence punishable by the death penalty.

In line with this ancient tradition Ladoga Group is well known for their adherence to strict production standards and stringent control over the quality of vodka and its packaging.

Aromatic winter wheat grain based spirit

Spirit base for Tsar Ivan The Terrible vodka is made from the aromatic winter wheat selected on the basis of the following:

  • Wheat grain must be one year old or less.
  • It must be grown in favourable climatic conditions ensuring its high quality.
  • Only “soft” varieties of winter wheat selected for distillation.
  • The resulting product, called Lux, is the purest of all spirits, used in the production of super-premium vodkas.
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